How To Know When You Choose The Right Wedding Band.

A band for your wedding is an essential part of any medium to a large wedding reception. They set the mood; introduce the first dance, and perform other vital parts of the traditional wedding that most girls dream of one day experiencing.

Choosing a wedding band

The first question to ask yourself is; do I need a band?

wdsfvxzgFor the answer, consider the guest list. If you have invited more than twenty people, you should at least have a subdued Disc Jockey at your reception. If the number of guests exceeds forty, a band will be needed unless you have several cots set up for the bored, not as close to the bride and groom as immediate family, guests to nap in.

Search online

Choosing a good band for your wedding is important, but first, you have to find them. Many websites online can help you find them for your reception. In fact, these sites cover all aspects of planning a wedding and can save you time and money in the process. Consider advertising for one in your local newspaper as a last resort if you find it difficult to find help in your particular town.

Most of the elements in your wedding are monetarily driven

For this reason, the more money spent, the better the quality of the element. This is not necessarily true of the wedding band. Some professionals work for the money and are very highly touted and paid. Still, others consider the gig as a great chance to practice, sharpen their skills, and to help overcome stage fright in their weakest members. You can expect to spend between one and three thousand dollars for a solid four-hour gig.

Type of music

Choosing a good band for your wedding can be time-consuming. To cut down on that precious time consider some options in advance. What kind of music do you want? Many wedding bands play a variety of music, and that is very helpful, but if you and your spouse to be are both into jazz, that is the way to go. Do you want a band with a front man? Perhaps you just prefer to have soft, subtle music in the background of the event. Having a few instruments should cost less than a full band with a lead vocalist.

Book your band as early as possible

It may be a good idea to sign your band to a contract to avoid being outbid for the date by another wedding and ensure there is no confusion about the date, time, and place. Try to spend enough time with the front man so that he is aware of the important names and introduction he must make. Review the play list and make sure they know what to play and when. Most professional bands will be used to your attention to detail and understand how important it is to you.
Once you have the band booked, go over the final details with them.

How will the members be dressed?

2ewzxdfLay out exactly what route they can take when setting up and departing. Provide the leader of the wedding band with a list of the names and announcements he or she will be making. Make sure they are clear on the proper pronunciation of difficult names. It may be wise to set up specific hand signals for unexpected changes in the venue.…