First Time Guide To Skydiving

Nothing increases the bodies adrenaline rush like jumping from a plane and falling at high speed to the ground. The exhilarating rush is unbeatable, exciting and memorable. Skydiving is an extreme sports activity, that high adrenaline sports individuals will have on their bucket list and want to accomplish at a certain point. If you are planning to engage in this activities below is a few tips.

Guide To Skydiving

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It is important to locate a drop off zone and area that you will be able to contact and schedule a skydive. One can do an online search and located parachuting associations to find drop zones. One can also talk to friends or family who have engaged in this activity and get locations and contacts of where they did the activity. Collect the contacts so that you may call them.

Call the drop zone

The next step that one needs do is to call the drop zone. This is to help you know about their hours and to schedule a skydive. It also gives you an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. One important question to find out is what jump methods are offered and to choose the method. There are three methods one can choose from.

• The tandem jump – This involves jumping from the plane while attached to a harness to an instructor who wears a parachute that is big enough to accommodate both of you. This method requires very little training as the instructor handles the skydive. This the most popular skidiving method.
• The accelerated free fall level one jump – This involves a ground school training that may take 5 to 6 hours then one will do a parachute jump with their own parachute. One will have two instructors holding onto them during and through the jump in positioning the body and a third one to guide you land.
• The static line jump – This involve the same training as the free fall level one jump, however, upon the jump, the parachute is released.


Once you have determined the method you want to jump, then you need to prepare. Dress for the weather wear sneaker and get your body ready by doing simple stretches. Ensure to arrive on time. This will help you relax and be ready to take instructions or attend the class.

Time for the jump

klcdkdkdldkdkdkdDuring the time of instruction, it is important to pay attention to what one will need to do depending on the jump. The next step is to board the plan and once in the air to jump and skydive. Enjoy the drop as you fall and when the parachute open enjoy the view.